by Annalysa WalkerI

She is a woman who raised me and lived through my childhood self without ever giving up and quitting. Who’s been exposed to the ugliest of my attitudes but still manages to love, care, forgive and experience joy.

Inspired by ‘Oprah Talks to Elie Wiesel,’ this interview occurred on October 22, 2018, on the bed in the room one door to the left.

She is one of the people that I most admire, my mom, Tamarra Fimbres. It’s impossible not to believe that she, a very respectable and humble lady, raised a funny, responsible, and trustworthy daughter. One of the most astounding answers to my question, “Can you share a happy memory in your life” was truly humble. She replied, “May 26, 2005, when you were born.” I was flabbergasted at how much love and humbleness she contained.

Another remarkable response to a different question: “Who is the love of your life, how did you meet?”

She returned without hesitation, “You are the love of my life, we met when you came out of my womb.”

It wasn’t quite the answer I expected so I asked again, more specifically, “who was the first?”

My mom countered with “your dad, we started dating when I was fourteen and I had you when I was sixteen”.  

My mom, a very respectable, extremely cheesy, humble lady, was able to flatter me more than once during this interview. I wasn’t the most perfect puppy in the pack of two, yet, she still cares for me, her heart bursting, exploding with passion and kindness for her loved ones. We housed long, truthful laughs and endless smiles, my mom is one of the people that I admire most. For these reasons and countless more.

An adult that inspired her as she grew up was her father, or my grandfather, Frederick Lawrence Fimbres. He taught her to be strong and trust mainly herself. She didn’t follow the second piece word per word however, she instead learned how to be independent and grew to be a wonderful adult. She is indeed strong and manages to be modest yet unsubmissive. I am both delighted and filled with joy that I had the opportunity to interview my mother, for she has many inspirational words to give. My mom didn’t have the easiest childhood, and adulthood isn’t much easier. Still, my mom manages to provide shelter, electricity, food, transportation, water and love to her family.

I will forever recognize her for all of the hard work and pain that she’s been through. Which ties in with in the final question, “how would you like to be remembered?” She paused for a mere second, “I want people to remember that I was a hard worker and would have done anything for my family.”-Tamarra Fimbres. You will most definitely be remembered superabundantly as a hard worker and a mom, daughter, sister, -and more- with an enormous heart.